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We’re finally getting the Kirby co-op game for Switch that we deserve (VG247) 15/09/22

Rainbow Six Extraction Proves Just How Great Back 4 Blood Could’ve Been (Gfinity) 21/01/22

Multiplayer Horror Is Bigger Than Ever: Here’s Why, and What You Should Play (Gfinity) 29/10/2021

Games, Mental Health and The Digital Realms We Escape To (Startmenu) 29/10/2021

Indie Developers Are Doing Their Best: An Interview with Lantern Studio and Puppet Combo (NME) 21/09/2021


Immortality review – A haunting love-letter to the silver screen that will keep you awake at night (VG247) 2/09/22

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands review – Borderlands gets a magic makeover (VG247) 24/03/22

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Review – A Step in the Right Direction (Gfinity) 4/02/22

Animal Crossing New Horizons Version 2.0 Review: A Great Update That’s Arrived a Little Too Late (Gfinity) 19/11/2021


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom finally has a name and release date (VG247) 13/09/22

Silent Hill 2 Remake screenshots leak, reportedly from Bloober Team’s internal pitch for the game (VG247) 5/09/22

Riot will buff Valorant’s Phoenix and Cypher, per Reddit AMA (VG247) 5/5/2022

Breath of the Wild 2 voice actor spills new character details (VG247) 4/5/2022

Elden Ring chad ‘Let Me Solo Her’ is immortalised with new mod (VG247) 19/4/2022

New Valorant Agent and abilities reportedly leaked, meet ‘BountyHunter’ (VG247) 4/4/2022

LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga player finds that you can fly if you hit young Anakin (VG247) 7/4/2022

Kirby Café is launching new menu and merch for Kirby’s 30th anniversary (VG247) 25/3/2022

Dead By Daylight Removing Leatherface Survivor Mask Following Reports Of Harassment (GameSpot) 5/1/2022

Valorant Gets A Speedster With Episode 4’s New Agent, Neon (GameSpot) 5/1/2022

Steam Winter Sale 2021 Is Live (GameSpot) 22/12/2021

Ubisoft Has Added a Far Cry 6 DLC to Uno (Gfinity) 15/10/2021


Immortality Walkthrough: How to collect every clip and piece of secret footage (VG247) 1/09/22

The 20 Best Nintendo DS Games of all time (VG247) 1/09/22

The 15 Best Horror Games of all time (VG247) 3/5/2022

Elden Ring Best Intelligence Build: How to make a Mage or Sorcerer (VG247) 14/4/2022

Elden Ring: Where to find all Grave and Ghost Glovewort Bell Bearings (VG247) 30/3/2022

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Best builds for damage, melee, and companions (VG247) 29/3/2022

10 things I wish I knew before playing Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Beginner’s Tips (VG247) 25/3/2022

Elden Ring Gowry and Millicent Quest: Should you summon or invade Millicent? (VG247) 21/3/2022

Elden Ring Ranni Quest: How to find the Baleful Shadow in Nokstella and use the Dark Moon Ring (VG247) 17/3/2022

The Best Survival and Horror Games of 2021 (Gfinity) 24/12/21

Five Games Like Valorant (Gfinity) 22/12/21

Dead by Daylight: How Does the Hatch Work After the Update (Patch 5.3.0) (Gfinity) 22/10/2021

Best Games (On Game Pass) To Revisit This Autumn (Startmenu) 11/10/2021

Dead By Daylight: How To Solo Queue As A Survivor (TheGamer) 12/9/2021

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