Grand Theft Auto V: The Altruist Camp Shootout is One of GTA V’s Rarest Events

Grand Theft Auto V is a game packed with random events that a player can either seek out or accidentally trigger. The Altruist Camp shootout is arguably one of the rarest of them all. Due to the requirement that four other random events are completed before the shootout can be triggered, it can prove tricky to come across without prior knowledge of it. Here is all that players need to know about this elusive shootout.

During the ‘random event’ in which Trevor is giving an NPC a ride somewhere, the Altruists Camp is an alternative drop-off location that Trevor may choose to deliver the NPC to. The camp is situated at the foot of Mount Chiliad, in the northwest corner of the map. Altruists are an older group of cult-like cannibals living in the mountains, cut off from civilization. As a result of their isolation, they open fire on anyone who approaches their camp. 

How to trigger the Altruist Camp Shootout

That being said, the camp will let Trevor in if he has brought someone for them to ‘sacrifice’. For every sacrifice, Trevor is given $1,000 and allowed to leave unharmed. After four sacrifices are made (non-consecutively) by Trevor, a cut-scene is triggered, revealing that the Altruists intend to sacrifice Trevor this time.

To begin with, players should sacrifice any of the following NPCs, namely: Drunk Driver 1, Drunk Driver 2 (two persons), Escape Paparazzi, Hitch Lift 3, Hitch Lift 4, or Snatched. Other NPCs, such as Hitch Lift 2, Burial, Domestic, and Getaway Driver, are not recommended because you will permanently lose them and they can be used for other purposes in the future. This includes a golfing buddy or a booty call for Trevor.

Immediately after the cut-scene ends, Trevor grabs an automatic weapon and ducks behind a boulder. Afterwards, the Altruists will commence with their assault. 

How to complete the Altruist Camp Shootout

To avoid becoming cannibal food, use Trevor’s Rage skill while using the boulder as cover when attacking. Five Altruists will be directly in front of you and at least 11 more around the area, so proceed with caution. After Trevor has cleared out the more immediate threats, there are also snipers on the water towers to be taken out. Once all the cannibals are dead, Trevor can press forward and collect his reward.

While there is no direct reward for completing the event, players should loot the area following the shootout. During this time, four briefcases will spawn; with each of them containing up to $25,000 in cash, ammo and, if lucky, a rocket launcher. Collect the loot, leave the now deserted Altruist’s Camp, and never look back.

What next?

There is a distinct change in the tone of the hangout that served as the cult’s home from this point onwards in GTA V. When this rare and random event is completed, many of the angry altruists stop spawning. 

Players may now pat themselves on the back, Mount Chiliad’s foothills are once again safe.

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