Regular blogging begins from now on

The idea of starting a ‘blog’ section on my website has been crossing my mind for a while.

Whenever I feel motivated to draft some sort of blog post, I have no clue what to possibly talk about. I’m not a fan of publicly talking about myself – hence why my website’s sparse amount of posts consists of reviews and creative writing – but it appears everyone is doing it. The blogging facade seems to be the best way to thoroughly engage with my viewers and followers so I figured that I should attempt it.

I assume that if you’re here, reading this, then you know what blogging is, but for those who are frankly quite clueless about what it consists of, here’s my personal definition:

People regularly writing on their website or WordPress/Wix/Blogspot hosted website about themselves, their lives, their experiences and their thoughts. Often (in my opinion) in a cringeworthy or narcissistic format, making the assiduously thought out blogs even more impressive and noteworthy.

Assume that I’m cynical for the above –  I just hope that I’m the latter.

But here I am, curled up in my bed (as I have been all day) with one of my cats and a packet of biscuits whilst I’m running a bath – which is going to be candlelit and full of bubbles. I meet my entire idea of a ‘stereotypical blogger type’; are my posts destined to meet that stereotype too?

I’ve probably had this website for months – maybe even a year; but I didn’t do anything with it until the 3rd of February, when I published my first post.

After taking around a month to settle on a theme that I was happy with and then sort out all the customisation that I decided I required (menu’s, contact page, about page), I settled on keeping the website as my portfolio. I’m a freelance writer as my tagline overtly states and I’ve evidently been using WordPress to display my musings and humblebrag about my achievements to anyone who’s interested.

Asides from the boring beginning of ‘Kelsey Raynor’ on WordPress, I’ve figured that the present life of my website is equally as boring too. I’ve spent hours on making it look perfect and spent even more hours on editing its posts and their formats – but who wants to follow, criticise and engage with a stranger’s bleak library of work?

I decided that just like the blogs I love – see And Then Zen, You What and Mystic Mogwai – my website needs a personality. I need to embody my website; just as much as I do with my work.

Whilst I’ll feel like a hypocrite for joining in on the ‘blogger façade’ that I’ve always been so quick to criticise and allowing it to take me around three hours to form an introductory post that I’m happy with; I believe that engaging with the people who admire my writing (despite how tenebrous and never-ending it can be) is something that will make me happy. You could essentially say that blogging might end up as one of my more favoured hobbies – but I’m still favouring my scepticism around the topic and not betting on anything yet.


6 thoughts on “Regular blogging begins from now on

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  1. [ Smiles ] Being a blogger requires that you be quite bold and brave and knowing that not everyone is going to be in favour of what you write.

    Write from the heart and you will attract those would resonate with your story.


  2. Kelsey, you have taken up something that is going to be so beautiful in your life and when you look back at it, there will be a sense of happiness within you, I promise. That’s the power of blogging. If you can help out just one person a day, you are much more valuable than what you actually think 😊


      1. You are welcome 😊. Your blog is really awesome and inspiring. You have a great gift within you.Please continue blogging and inspire people around you 😊. And if you can please do visit my blog and let me know about it. It would be really helpful 😊. This is the link to my blog


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