I’ve spent the past three consecutive hours of my time attempting to complete four weeks’ worth of my Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). View the link if you’re lost as to what an EPQ is; I know that I was before being introduced to one. I need a long break and I’ve perhaps only just finished... Continue Reading →

The idea of starting a ‘blog’ section on my website has been crossing my mind for a while. Whenever I feel motivated to draft some sort of blog post, I have no clue what to possibly talk about. I’m not a fan of publicly talking about myself – hence why my website’s sparse amount of... Continue Reading →

The first of a weekly series – my ‘What’s Hot’ column is being introduced with the intentions of making my website all-the-more individual and relatable as well as a feature in which I can look back on in the future. What am I listening to? With no thanks to Will, lately I’ve been spending an... Continue Reading →

I’m sure plenty of the people who read this are already aware of the existence of my website and are more-than-likely wondering why I’m only introducing it now. My website has been through the mill. It started out as an area to collect and display all the poetry I used to write (that was a... Continue Reading →

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