I’ve never been good at homepages; I don’t really know what the readers of my posts wish to know. Plus, I enjoy the ability to be relatively illusive and mysterious.

My name is obvious and I’m studying English Literature alongside Psychology and Sociology; I guess you could assume that analysing is my ‘thing’ and it is. I love to evaluate and scrutinize just about anything, be it literature, films, music or the weather. Typically British – I love to criticise.

However, more importantly, my ultimate ‘thing’ is evidently reading and writing. I don’t know what peaked my desire to be a writer – or to teach others to write – but I do know that it’s a passion which has been with me my whole life. Words can’t describe (the irony) how rewarding I find completing a book or sharing my writing; even more so when others enjoy my nonchalant rambles about stories and the posts I share on this website too.

Despite my love for professionalism and my website acting as a portfolio of work, I believe personality is important too. Alongside my endless articles and reviews, I take great pride in ‘blogging’ about my day-to-day musings as a student and a freelance writer with an evidently excessive love of words.

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